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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 10, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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inferno it is a engulfed the san bruno neighborhood in flame. 38 homes destroyed. >> you could feel the intensity of the fire. and never felt anything like it. >> reporter: the flames reached as high as 100 feet in the air as the fire leapt from house to house. the explosion could be heard for miles, sending residents fleeing to safety. >> you can see flames. you can see people running down the street. and so in the car, everyone get in the car. >> reporter: firefighters battled the flames from the ground while planes dropped retardant from the air. at time, the 15 acre inferno looked more like a forest fire, not the center of the suburban san francisco neighborhood. even veteran firefighters were shocked at the magnitude of the disaster. >> it was pretty devastating. in my career with oakland fire. it looks like a moon dmak some areas. >> reporter: he retreated to the hills to survey the destruction.
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miraculously, his home was spared. >> it is that greenhouse. it looks like everything looks like gone. >> reporter: now that the flames are out, the investigation into the cause is intensifying. >> we know that a natural gas line ruptured yesterday around 6:24 p.m. we don't know what caused it or what happened. we will find out soon. >> reporter: firefighters are now back in the neighborhood trying determine if it is safe for residents to return while the emotional devastation to this community is only beginning. nbc news, san bruno, california. >> this was another day of pleading and protest in the controversy surrounding the threat to burn the koran. demonstrations in one part of afghanistan turned deadly. a protester was shot and kill when a person stormed a nato
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base run by german troops. in florida the preach here started the controversy by threatening to burn the koran tomorrow issued today an ultramateum with a deadline. the deadline passed and the preacher backed down. in the meantime, the controversy is overshadowing plan to mark a grim milestone. it has been nine years since the terror attack killed nearly 3,000 americans. michelle frannen has our report. >> reporter: it has quickly become a back and for the confrontation between pastor terry jones and the imam. jones proposed burning copies of the koran in protest to the mosque near ground zero. on thursday interesting issue seemed headed toward a come prom. jones announced he would put plans to burn copy of islam's holy book on hold. and announce he body travel to new york to meet with the imam. but raul said there are no plans to move.
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no meeting planned with jones. today jones, along with a new minister joining his cause, stepped up demands, calling for a meeting and set a deadline. >> as of this time, we have that heard from the imam but we are very, very hopeful that we will meet with him. >> reporter: pastor jones the leader of a christian church with fewer than 50 members in florida, has become the center of a worldwide firestorm. in the past 24 hour, local christian leaders in florida showed joins a petition with 8,000 signatures from 97 countries urging him not to burn the koran. defense secretary robert gates called jones personally. and in a press conference today, president obama once again urged jones to reconsider what he called a dangerous game with american lives. >> the idea that we would burn the sacred texts of someone else's religion is dreer what this country stands for.
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>> reporter: even jones' intent has sparked a heated debate at home and overseas. er in a ground zero, emotions and tensions are heightened every year leading up to the 9/11 anniversary. this year with religious and political controversy. now on top of that. police have added around the clock patrols outside the proposed site and in and around ground zero, security has been increased. in new york, michelle franzen, news4. some muslim in the local area are encouraged by the reaction of the majority of christians to the throat burn the koran. we'll have more on that part of the story coming up in our next half-hour. nbc news has confirm that iran no longer plan to release detained hiker sarah shourd tomorrow. she is one of the three americans jailed 13 months go on on charges of spying. those accusations have been denied. iran's government said it would let shourd go on compassionate grounds but this afternoon, they said the release has been
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canceled. they said they cited an incomplete legal procedure as the reason. iran hasn't said be in about what will happen to the other two hikers. it's been nine years since the terror attacks of september 11. and experts say today we're dealing with a different kind of threat. former leaders of the 9/11 commission say al qaeda has shifted away from large scale attacks. attacks today are far less sophisticated and also more frequented. over the last nine years, they say the results have been a significant increase in home grown terrorists. that makes it harder for authorities to detect. much smaller scale attacks, particularly drawn from domestic recruits, are almost impossible for our national security intelligence community as is currently constructed to detect and intercept. officials say we will likely see more attacks like that of the attempted times square car bomb. last year more than 40 american
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citizens or illegal residents wrls charged in cases in the u.s. and elsewhere. recent attacks around the university of maryland are promming authorities to step up their patrols this weekend. prince george's county police say there have been at least five robberies in the campus area over the last three week. three students reportedly were beaten and robbed last weekend. robberies were also reported on monday within minutes of each other. the university's police chief said he may form a internal task force to focus on this problem. police in prince george's county would like some help in their effort to identify a man who robbed three people at an atm. all three robberies happened at the chevy chase bank. that bank is located in the east gate shopping center. police stay man walked up to his victims right after they with drew money and pointed a gun at them, demanded him money and ran away. the robberies happened in june and july between the hours of 9:30 and 11:00 at night.
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families in prince william county, virginia, are learning about mursa. the student was treated before getting cleared to head back to class. a letter was sent home to parents. and fairfax county police are giving drivers fair warning. they're watching a major enforcement campaign that go after distracted drivers in a whole new approach. julie carey tell us what they'll be looking for. >> reporter: the steering wheel in one hand. the cell phone in the other. the latest example of the consequences wednesday night on franconia road. a van ran a red light causing a four vehicle crash. >> eight people were hospitalized because the guy took his phone out to check his facebook update. >> reporter: but they've learn virginia's law against texting while driving is so full of loophole, it is almost unenforceable. only 18 people have been charged this year. they'll attack with it a very
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tried and true charge. failure to pay full time and attention. >> whether that's speeding or personal grooming or talking on their cell phone. and because of that, their driving is not where it should be. >> reporter: to simulate the impact of distracted driving, i navigated what might replicate a narrow residential street or mall parking lot. the officer rode shog. was that the long before the first text arrived. >> if you could read the e-mail to me out loud. >> reporter: it says, got it. an adjustment here. next distraction, a call. at the same time my passenger is giving directions. >> hi. it's julie. >> head straight down the straightaway. >> reporter: yeah. >> almost -- >> reporter: okay. i'm sorry? >> we're almost at a complete stop. there are problem is i'm supposed to be going 25. the last challenge?
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reading directions to a caller while navigating cones. i almost made it. the officers say the kind of driving i just did is exactly what they will be watching for. and they will be perched inside unmarked high profile vehicles like this pick-up so they can really see whether is causing the bad driving. >> they see a car that's braking for no apparent reason. they'll get up and look and see whether that driver is doing. if they're doing something that is causing them to be distracted, they will ticket them. >> reporter: jewel carey, news4. they hope the residents will take their distracted driving survafl you can find it on their webb. coming up tonight, the boxer arrested in vegas on a domestic driving charge. scientists have pinpointed genes connected to the deadliest ovarian cancers. a guy in the ukraine claim he has built a plane that's cheaper than a car.
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>> an even better day tomorrow and right now, a chance of rain for the redskins game. my complete forecast coming up. how is sports? don't say the. we're talking golf. tiger continue to struggle. brett favre not looking so sharp in his debut. the redskins getting ready for tony romo where they had
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floyd mayweather, the professional heavyweight -- listen to me. he is not a heavyweight. he is a professional boxer. anyway, he has been arrested. he is accused of stealing from his ex-girlfriend in a domestic abuse case. the mother of his three children claimed that he stole her iphone during a domestic dispute on
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thursday. she says mayweather punched her in the head, pull her hair, twisted her article. josie harris is her name. she was treated at a hospital in las vegas for minor injuries. mayweather is facing a felony theft charge. he denies that he did anything wrong. police say they're continuing to investigate. there are new details on the woman accused of shooting and killing two of her co-workers at a kraft foods plant in philadelphia. police say 43-year-old yvonne hiller had a series of altercations with her colleagues before she allegedly shot them yesterday. she was suspended and escorted off the property for fighting. and then she went back, we are told, with a gun. she is facing charges including two counts of murder and attempted murder. a third victim in that shooting is still in the hospital. president obama touted his economic agenda during a rare
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news conference at the white house today. he went over his plan to get america out of the recession and get americans back to work. >> reporter: with democrats worried about the potential for big losses, president obama was on the defensive blaming tough economic time he inherited while offering understanding that there is still work to be done. >> for all the progress we've made, we're not there yet. that mean the people are frustrated. >> reporter: the president voicing his own frustration as he pushed republicans. to extend the tax cuts for the middle class. >> we could this month give every american certainty and tax relief up to $250,000 a year. why hole it up? why hold the middle class hostage? >> reporter: the president that the economy would be his primary focus moving forward. as for the republican response, house minority leader john boehner said, however the proposals and political attacks
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won't tend uncertainty from small businesses creating a job. the white house. coming up, a new way to get drivers to slow down. there are new rule to help prevent pilots from falling asleep on the job. and doug has a look at the forecast. >> reporter: good evening. thing are clearing out. the inner loop of the capital beltway almost shockingly so, came back to the speed limit early. this wide open on the inner loop of the belt way. the side that's open, leading tyson's all the way around. this is going to be the worst of it for outer loop drivers, leaving the river road area toward tyson. you make the trip on 95 headed southbound, very quiet for a friday afternoon. you have a little volume. it is heavy down toward quantico. the earlier know across the wilson bridge on the outer loop has been cleared.
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st no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it
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a new discovery in ovarian cancer research could someday lead to new treatments for that disease. johns hopkins scientists have identified two genetic mutations critical to one of the most aggressive form. it is linked to an overgrowth of
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uterine tissue called endometriosis. experts stay findings offer a better understanding of that link. they stay discovery also suggests a new possibility of how the cancer begins. tonight celebrities will stand up to cancer. nbc's brian williams will join katie door, i from cbs and diane sawyer to host it. it will raise money for cancer research and education. a very good project. a little bit have clouds out there today. but still gorgeous. >> not bad. if you liked today, you will really love tomorrow. the clouds will be out of here. we've got a lot to talk about. the redskins game on sunday. and then tropical storm igor which i haven't really talked about, starting to get a little more interesting. let's show what you is happening. first off, we have seen nothing but sun and clouds during the day. no rain. this was a nice shot toward northwest today. look at that. what kind of butterfly is that?
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monarch. how do we know that? that's the only kind we learned in elementary school. the only one i know. and there is that bumble bee. i looked up what kind that was. no clue. couldn't find it. but a nice day to get out and about across the area. along the inner harbor. we saw a high temperature of 88 degrees. it was a cool start this morning under mostly cloudy skies throughout most of the day. we're starting to see those clouds weigh in. we'll see sunshine throughout the rest of the evening. 75 degrees, human at 39%. winds out of the northwest at about nine miles per hour. temperaturewise around the region. 72 in hagerstown. notice culpeper, charlottesville, they saw nothing but sunshine. most of us, however, have been socked in with at least partly to mostly cloudy skies making it feel a little bit cooler. as we move through, we will see clearing skies. 69 by 9:00. 61 by 5:00 and 62 degrees at
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7:00 a.m. another cool morning. most of us should be in the low 50s. especially those suburbs. some of the cooler suburb will be in the 50s overnight. not a lot going. on we mentioned a few clouds around our region. back to the west, we're watching some shower activity now making its way toward the ohio river valley. that will continue to move our direction. high pressure, still dominating the area. we saw a nice day today with partly to mostly skies. that lie slide across tomorrow. still a nice day in the forecast tomorrow but then here come that next area of low pressure. and a frontal boundary that will give as you chance for some shower activity during the day on sunday. right now a good chance see the some rain out there. i don't think we'll see any heavy rain. no thunderstorm. but maybe just enough to give us about a tenth to a quarter of an inch. our lawns need it. the flowers need it as well. some of the latest computer models hold this area so we may see some shower activity late sunday afternoon and into the evening hours.
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maybe some rain out there on the tailgaters. i think for the most part, the redskins versus dallas, possible light shower but i think it will be dry. and i don't think we'll have any problems getting the game in. the winds will be out of the southwest at five to ten miles an hour. my score? 24-17 redskins. >> write that down. 24-17. something else to look. a tropical storm igor getting more interesting. it came off the cape the last couple days but now it is projected to become a major hurricane. i was looking at the extended model data. it does bring it close. a lot of the models bring it close to the east coast in the next week to ten days. this is something we'll to have watch. i'meding it might turn away like earl did but something to watch. this evening, partly cloudy. comfortable, 69 to 74 degrees. another cool morning. you may need that light jacket as you step outside. still fall-like. as we make our way through the
6:24 pm
day, temperature climbing up to around the 80-degree mark. mostly sunny. a great day. get out and enjoy it no matter what you want to do. the winds will be variable at five to ten miles an hour. there is that chance of rain on sunday. a high of 75 and back to 82 on monday. 80 on tuesday. so monday and tuesday look very nice as well. and as you move through the extended forecast into the middle part of next week, the temperature in the 70s. wednesday and thursday. and then another chance of rain coming up on friday. it just amazing. we've gone almost three week without any kind of rain. the one day that we really need some great weather, the redskins game, it looks like some shower activity during the day. it won't impact the game, i think. >> i was thinking about what a trky situation for you. a new weather man in your home town and you have to get the forecast right for the dallas game. >> a big one. >> we love your optimism. we wonder from whence it comes? >> 24/17.
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>> i do. i like that. >> love your optimism, too. >> the season brand new. >> the glass is half full. >> i agree. for whom? coming up, decision day for thousands of inmate casting their ballots. and the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks. the members of a local muslim community speak out about the controversy over burning the koran. >> reporter: and avoiding gridlock if you're going to the redskins game on sunday. coming up in sports, tigers' pga tour could be over. the redskins hoping tony romo is in a giving mood. ♪
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that threat to burn the koran in florida tomorrow won't happen. thatlatest from the pastor there and it come after a day of confusion over whether it was on or off. some local muslims are still upset about that whole controversy. others are looking at this from a different perspective. >> john schriffen has more on how local communities are using all of this to come together on this muslim holiday and on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary. >> reporter: muslims in northern virginia are praying for their holy day which mark the end of ramadan. this fall one day before the 9/11 anniversary and the day before reverend jones is threatening to burn the koran. >> i think it is completely wrong. you come to somebody else's religion and try to burn, you know, the koran.
6:30 pm
>> we have nothing to do with the 9/11. we don't support. we are against. >> reporter: for now, reverend jones has backed down from his promise to burn the koran but the imam from falls church believes no matter what happens, reverend jones' crusade will back fire. >> the koran, the koran, it is on the news every day. right? what is the koran all about? people will go to the library and borrow a copy and they will start reading it. and they will say, you know what? this is a lot like the bible. >> reporter: many religious leaders are denouncing the proposed act. they are speaking out. the event at ground zero were born of hatred and extremism. >> reporter: in this particular case, i'm so happy that it is not muslims who had to stand up and say that this is wrong.
6:31 pm
it was other americans who stood up and said this is not american. >> to show the solidarity in the washington metropolitan region, on sunday, religious leaders of all faiths will come together for a 9/11 unity march. they're expecting about 1,500 people to walk down mass avenue here as one in a peaceful demonstration that will end here at the gandy memorial. >> nine years later, new yorkers are just about as concerned about a terror attack as they were shortly after the one on september 11. a new poll conducted this month finds 56% of new yorkers worried about another attack. a poll taken six months after 9/11 found 55% feared another attack back then. in fact, the polls showed 19% of those asked say they are very worried about another attack.
6:32 pm
14% say they're not worried at all. on this eve of the september 11 attack anniversary, people have already gathered at the pentagon to honor the lives lost there. and even though tomorrow marks nine years since the tragedy, the memories are still very fresh for many in our area. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: arlington county firefighters bow their heads in a moment of silence. as a wreath rests at the pentagon's 9/11 memorial. these were some of the first responders to the 2001 terror attack. rosemary came to the brief service to honor her late husband. eddie dillard was among 184 victim honored at this memorial. he was on board american airline flight 77 when it crashed into the pentagon. >> just started crying. it doesn't get, it is supposed to get easier but you're supposed to find closure.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: the attacks made headlines around the world. on display as part of a perm collection at the museum. a battered and melted broadcast tower from the second world trade center is also part of the emotional exhibit. >> all the fixtures, it is breathtaking. it hits you. >> reporter: inside the capitol, a plaque honoring the people of flight 93. reading in part your sacrifice not only saved countless lives but may have saved the u.s. capitol from destruction. a day sbeechd the memory of those first on the scene. >> surreal. it was such a beautiful day. >> reporter: those who felt compelled to stop by on the eve of the attacks. >> it is very moving to look at the building and know that it
6:34 pm
caused so much heart ache and so many deaths. >> reporter: president obama will be here at the pentagon saturday morning to participate in another wreath-laying ceremony and remember all the lives lost in the september 11 attacks. in arlington, jane watrel, news4. >> official ceremony are planned at the three locations where the terrorists struck. president obama will attend a commemoration at the penn. vice president buyen will tan at ground zero in new york and first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will travel to shanksville, pennsylvania, to observe the anniversary there. turnin elections, about 1,500 d.c. inmates cast their ballots for the mayor's race today. you it was organize by the reentry network for returning citizens. at the d.c. detention center in southeast. that organization helped released inmates transition back into society. under city law, citizens jail
6:35 pm
for misdemeanors still have the right to vote along with those who are awaiting trial. this is the last weekend before early voting closes for the district mayor's race. as of this afternoon, more than 4,000 voters cast their ballots at the chevy chase community center. more than 3,300 people were, went to the polls at the junior high school in southeast. the recreation center in northeast d.c. had about the same turnout. and judiciary square in downtown washington saw the most ballots with more than 5,000 voters there. a total of more than 17,000 early voters. candidates mayor fenty and his challenger council chairman vincent gray participated in a debate on the radio this morning. the school chancellor michelle rhee was one of the topics of discussion. if rhee reelected, fenty said he will keep her. gray, however, said he has not
6:36 pm
made up his mind about that yet. early voting ends this monday. primary day is tuesday. coming up, a new effort to slow down drivers made some people frightened and angry. pilots getting a plan. and a woman
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an bad day to take the boat out. some pretty good winds a little earlier. now winds about ten miles an hour. take a look. you can see the mixture of sun and clouds as we move through evening hours. we understand out of the northwest at nine miles an hour. gusts up to 15. 73 in frederick, maryland. martinsburg at 71. the warm spot, charlottesville, virginia, at 80 degrees. what can we expect over the next few hours? the next 24 hours, a high temperature of about 79 in the district. 80 in warrenton, 80 toward fredericksburg. toward upper marlboro and saint mary's, coming in there with a temperature of 77 degrees. it will be a nice day on your saturday. once again, sunday.
6:40 pm
maybe some shower activity. i'll have that for you coming up a little later on coming up in the four-day forecast in case you missed it a little earlier. up in vancouver, canada, authorities are testing a new effort to get people to slow down and pay attention. they're accomplishing their mission but not without some controversy. drivers on a busy street in the school zone come up on a site that many motorists find starling. it appears to be a young girl chasing a ball across the road. actually, it is a three dimensional illusion that has been painted on the street. some critics say the paintings will attract too much attention from drivers. others say riding over the image of that girl is disturbing. the federal aviation administration is planning to change the rule regarding rest periods for pilots. the goal is to prevent crashes caused by pilot fatigue. right now pilots are required to have eight hours of rest between shifts. and the clock starts when the pilot leaves the plane. some pilots have pointed out, it
6:41 pm
takes time to get out of the airport and check into a hotel. so the fax wants to change the rule to require nine hours of rest. the clock starting when the pilot reach the hotel. the rule will be open to public comment for 60 days before they take effect. nx if you're getting tired of driving, maybe you would like to own your own plane. the man said he has built an airplane cheaper to operate than a car. the plane is only 19 feet long and has a wing span of 29 feet. the creator said the design is simple and the two engines can be removed to turn the plane into a glider. >> how do you park that sucker on plain street? >> what do you do when you have an engine problem. >> how do you put a boot on it? >> they're going to get their money. >> what's up? >> you had a little disagreement earlier. >> i'm not thinking. no. i'm not feeling it. >> i think the cowboys are better prepared right now than
6:42 pm
the skins are. but you know, i've been wrong all my life. >> it is always close. >> the redskins have some motivation. >> i like that. we'll be talking a lot about this coming up in sports. hoping the bad tony romo shows up. a rusty brett favre shows up against the saints. plus, tiger woods can't g chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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don't misunderstand me. i'm not specking the redskins to lose. >> that's what it sound like. >> that's why i wanted to make it clear. 24-17, i'm not sure there will be that many points scored. >> you're talking circles. >> i was hoping you would bear me out here. >> letting you go. the cowboys are a better team. it's that simple. they are a better team than the
6:46 pm
redskins. that doesn't mean the redskins can't win. they had nine guys go to the pro bowl. the redskins had one. it is a whole new regime. and we'll see what will happen. today they did have the final injury reports come out for the redskins-cowboys game. they have donavan mcnabb, sellers and brown listed as questionable. all three have practiced the entire week. the cowboys will be without their right left guard. so right off the bat, dallas is without two starters on the offensive line. tony romo cannot be too excited about that. romo has been and still is the x-factor for the cowboys' offense. romo is one of the most creative quarterbacks. he can turn a broken play into a big play which is one reason he played in three pro bowls. it is also the reason he is prone to throwing an ill advised interception every now and then. the redskins' defensive back, deangelo hall, and dowdy have seen him do both. >> i wouldn't say it's wild.
6:47 pm
gun slinger might be the word. he will create opportunities for them and he might create some opportunities for us. he is throwing a lot of touchdowns, throwing a few picks as well. we have to catch in on the opportunities to not let them get the big play. >> he's been known to be nonchalant with the ball. we call at this time brett favre complex. make a ton of plays but also the opportunity to make some plays. we've been working trying to make those plays. trying to get the extra step, get those turnovers. we can try to be as sound as we can. try to make the changes. >> d. hall. cowboys planning to use rookie dez bryant as the number three receiver while the number one receiver, miles austin, is celebrating a six-year contract extension that could be worth up to $57 million. so is he as motivated as he was coming into this game? >> let's hope not.
6:48 pm
>> that could be good news for the redskins there. donavan mcnabb waiting for a new contract with the redskins which he continue to say will get done very soon. one thing mcnabb hasn't done lately is beat the cowboys. mcnabb 0-3 against them with the eagles last season. not counting the preseason, this will be donavan's third straight game against the cowboys. he faced them with the eagles in the regular season finale last year. and then in the next game, in the playoffs. although it is a new system with the redskins, the cowboys say it is the same old donavan they expect to see on sunday. >> we know him as a quarterback. we know what he likes to throw. we know his strengths and his weaknesses. pretty similar to what they did with the eagles. it is the same mcnabb, i guess. i don't know the answer to that one. >> pretty riveting. >> he looked like he could be an
6:49 pm
assistant teaching professor or something, doesn't he? >> he is a smart guy down there in dallas. he was really struggling to find the words. he was wanting not to say -- >> right. exactly. >> you could see the wheel turning. >> in new orleans last night, the saints and vikings officially kick off the new football season and this game won't win any beauty pageants. stuck in second gear. the saints only scored 14 points but they still get the win while the vikings are hoping brett favre's unspectacular performance was nothing more than an aberration. before the game, the players showing solidarity. they're not saying we're number one. they are saying we are one. as in the players' union. one unit, one family. they are trying to avoid that lockout. thinking about it already. first quarter, drew brees showing he still has the skill. henderson for the 29-yard touch. the saints up 7-0.
6:50 pm
brees, 27-36 for 237 yards. and check out brett favre. okay, i may have to make something happen here. here is the 40-year-old favre. still a bit rusty which is to be expected when you miss all of training camp. feeling the pressure, throws it over the middle. he is pick off by jonathan ville ma. look at favre. he is absolutely crunched by harper here. the saints just violated this guy in this game like they did the last game. second quarter, favre and strikz trail 7-3 but they are moving. favre looking for his main target. the blair high school product, nice catch in the end zone. he had four catches for 76 yards. the vikings missed the extra point. they take a 9-7 lead. that would not last though. third quarter, finds the end zone.
6:51 pm
19 carries for 71 yards. favre not able to get much going on second and four. sanford ellis breaks loose. it wasn't that hard of a hit but tugged him down for the sac there. 15 of 27. 171 yards. the vikings lose 49-9. here is the old man on his performance. >> i think the timing was a little bit off. i will give credit to the saints as i did last year. they created confusion in their defense. i thought for the most part, we handled that well. off the top of my head, there are three or four throws that i just missed. >> we made it look easy. we scored on the opening drive of the third quarter. then everything other than that wasn't very pretty. our defense did a great job all night long. unfortunately, we didn't capitalize on the big play opportunities. you have to give credit to their
6:52 pm
defense. they're a solid bunch, too. >> it could be over for brett favre. we came back for about $18 million but he looked a little rusty last night. >> the first game. thing could happen. >> he has a way of surprising us. >> i didn't think it would happen. you won't like, this kim beats venus. she will advance there at the home. >> good tennis. they played really well. >> no americans left. >> thanks, dan. coming up, the redskins' coming up, the redskins' su fifteen percent or more on car insurance? can fútbol announcer andrés cantor make any sport exciting? ha sido una partida intensa hoy. jadrovski está pensando. está pensando. veamos que va a hacer. moverá la reina o moverá el caballo? que tensión. viene...
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as the redskins prepare for a showdown with division arch rival, the dallas cowboys on sunday night, did we mention that is going to happen? the redskins' cheerleaders traveled to new york to made an appearance on the "today" show to hype up the game. they also got to dance with the country band sugarland perform. if you're going to be going to the game this week, you will notice a few upgrades at fed-ex feel. >> however, getting to landover might take you a minute or two. darcy spencer has our survival guide. >> reporter: come sunday, the fed-ex appeal the parking lot will once again be filled but this time it will be different.
6:56 pm
this time the skins are taking on their arch rival, the dallas cowboys on home turf for the season opener. >> this is like our super bowl. the redskins going to win. big. >> reporter: maryland state police officials say sunday could be the perfect storm for gridlock. they're expecting huge crowds coming to see the new players on the team including quarterback donavan mcnabb. coming to watch the team take on dallas, coming to see the first home game of the season. their advice, get here early and avoid the most popular beltway exit such as landover road. >> there's exit 13, richie marlboro road, and exit 15, central avenue. and take those roads over and use that as an access into the stadium. it will probably make the commute a lot easier. some fans plan to avoid the traffic altogether. >> i'm not going to get stuck in traffic. i'm going to be home relaxing, watching the game, enjoying it and watching us win. >> kick dallas' butt. >> reporter: this year fans will
6:57 pm
notice some additions. new 100-foot long hd video boards will make it easier to keep one the action on the field. all monitored in a new state-of-the-art control room. >> they're very nice. i'm glad mr. snyder made those upgrades. one thing about it, he is always seen trying to make the fan experience greater. >> reporter: the fans will get a chance to see the lock he of shawn taylor, the redskins safety who was murdered. >> the parking lot will also open for redskins fast. it will cost you $40 per vehicle to park in that lot. metro will stay open late on sunday to get redskins fans home. darcy spencer, news4. >> if you don't get to the game, you can sit right there in your living room in that comfortable chair on the couch or where ever and watch it right here on nbc 4. coverage begins at 8:15. >> that's the way to go. let's get one more check on the
6:58 pm
weather. it won't enter gear the people going to the game. >> do you want to see a forecast? >> let's show it to you for the game. game time, 8:15. >> we'll say around 8:00. that's when the festivities are starting. dallas cowboys, i think it will be all right. 73 degrees at game time. you may want to take a light jacket. especially if you're not one of those fans up rooting and cheering all day. south, five to ten miles an hour. that will be the wind. right now i think the forecast is looking okay. football type weather. 79 for the high on saturday and sunday. i think most of the showers will be early in the day. monday and tuesday, drying out. i can't on monday. 80 on tuesday. and right now, the extended looking good as well. another chance of rain coming up on friday of that week. >> are you still sticking with that 24-17 thing? did you write it down? >> i've got it right here. >> you do, too. we'll tell but betty ham.
6:59 pm
she lives in bristol, england. 89 years old. yesterday she retired after 75 years on the job. miss ham was just a girl when she took her first job. world war ii was underway. the germans were bombing bristol. she said it was different back then. you did not call in sick because you had a date or because you just wanted to go back to bed. she said things have changed in other ways as well. she started working as an accountant before calculators were even in use. and by the time she finished, she said she was using a computer. you know something? 75 years on the job. >> and imagine, she was probably resisting that calculator like so many of us resist computers. imagine that. >> good for her. "nightly news" coming up next. >> have a good evening.
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